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Colorful Double Charging Stand Handle Seat Charger For PS4 Wireless Game Controller

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    Game machine accessories type:Other games aroundScope:Handle ChargeProduct size: 8x16x5.5cmProduct Weight:126g Material:Plastic1. Special shape, designed for PS4 handle2. Base blue LED light3. Can charge two handles at the same time4. Can also be used as handle storage seat when not charging5. Input voltage: DC5V6. Instructions for use:- Insert the charging cable USB plug of the product into the game console, or plug it into the USB socket of the computer and other standard DC5V power adapters. The MICRO male plug of the charging cable is inserted into the MICRO socket of the product charging stand to start supplying power to the product.- Install the game handle upside down on the product so that the MICRO interface is correctly inserted into the charging slot of the product to charge it, or both handles can be charged simultaneously. The charging recess of the product can map the charging status of the handle indicator light, and the charging light display of the handle is displayed, indicating that the product is charging the battery pack.- The handle is charged and fully charged, and the charging indicator of the handle is off. There is no light mapping display in the charging groove, indicating that the handle is fully charged.- The handle can control the charging state by itself, the battery is not charged automatically, and the battery is automatically powered off after being fully charged.7. The package includes:1 x charging stand1 x USB cable

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